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Website code and text by Kevin Verre.
Questions inspired by book "Loving What Is" and the "Love Your Neighbor" worksheet by Byron Katie. (TheWork.com)
Link to Byron Katie's worksheet
* Some of the phrases come from Byron Katie's writing. I use an asterisk (*) to attribute a question or phrase to her. A few questions were inspired by a book "When Panic Attacks" by Dr. David Burns. Check out his new book "Feeling Great" and his website: FeelingGood.com


I answer these questions whenever I'm feeling worried, nervous, frustrated, lazy, or unmotivated about something. Bookmark this page so that the next time you're stressed you can come back to it.

Answer the questions HONESTLY. Don't give an answer just because you think it's the "right" answer or the answer you think you SHOULD give. Give the answer that truely reflects what you're thinking and feeling.

The purpose is not necessarily to change your feelings about the issue, but to change your action. For example, if there is something you're angry about, the goal is not necessarily to make you stop being completely frustrated about it. But hopefully it will inspire you to take productive action. Same for if you have something you are procrastinating on. You might not become excited about your chore, but you'll at least stop procrastinating and start doing it.

These questions should get your brain thinking in a way that it wasn't before.

This tool is designed to hopefully be quick and easy to use. After using it enough, you can answer the questions very quickly. You don't even have to answer all the questions. Sometimes I only need the first half of the questions and stop after "Who would you be WITHOUT the thought/belief?". That is my favorite question.

This website is NOT meant as a replacement for cognitive behavioral therapy. Please seek help if you are struggling with an issue you face.

Learn more about Byron Katie by reading her books, visiting her website, or watching videos on her YouTube channel.

Try answering these questions with someone you can trust. They might have insights you hadn't thought of on your own.

All of the code for this site runs in your browser. There is no database. You can see the entire source code by right-clicking and selecting View Page Source.
The commit history for the code is available on GitHub.

Currently you can only answer the questions that I created for this digital worksheet. But it would be cool if users could create their own questions and interactive worksheets. This worksheet is better than a simple web form because it can display your previous answers when asking new questions.

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